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ACM Gaining Traction with Compliance Solution for FCMs

Automated Compliance Management (ACM) has successfully launched an innovative compliance solutions product and is continuing to sign up futures commission merchants, broker/dealers, swaps dealers and retail FX brokers for the platform.

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It’s 10 PM: FCMs, SDs, MSPs – Do You Know the Status of Your Firm’s Annual Compliance Report Preparation?

Chief Compliance Officers(CCO) of swap dealers (SD), major swap participants(MSP), and future commission merchants (FCM) should be well underway in the process that..

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Solution Briefs

ACM for the Sell-side

Discover how ACM can help FCMs, broker-dealers, swap dealers and retail FX dealers protect their firm and automate their compliance solution.

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ACM for the Buy-side

Read this solution brief to find out how ACM helps buy-side firms ensure compliance with both regulations and internal policies are tracked and enforced

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ACM has developed specific packages for Futures Commission Merchants (FCMs), Broker/Dealers, Swaps Dealers, and Retail FX Dealers.

ACM electronically tracks and records all activity on the system, ranging from log-ins to document reviews to approvals, for all users, wherever they are in the world. Everything is integrated. This allows CCOs to have a clear audit trail of all activity, as well as a clear statement of compliance certification from the firm’s subject matter expert/rule owner. It also allows the CCO to seamlessly manage a workflow using one system. The listing of pre-loaded rules also presents CCOs with the opportunity to review rules and determine if their firm is lacking a policy or has an incomplete policy. With a spreadsheet, multiple versions of the spreadsheet may exist. A new version may not be created every time a change is made or information is added, causing confusion and inefficiencies. Additionally, if feedback or approvals are done verbally or via email, it causes a break in the integration of the communication chain, which introduces ambiguity and risk.

Yes, the ACM system is dynamic and will track and record all information. That allows a CCO to keep a rolling system of compliance reviews and approvals in place throughout the year, reducing stress and resource issues related to the Annual Review process.

You should be active on the system within 24 hours of signing a contract with ACM. The system is an ASP model and cloud based, meaning you basically just need a user name and password, and you can begin managing your Annual Compliance Review.

30 users are included with the Tier One package; 5 users are included with the Tier Two package.

To improve efficiency, you can move rules to the Library section of ACM. Rules are kept there and can be moved back into the active database whenever you choose.

ACM is a company founded and run by compliance professionals who are constantly monitoring CFTC rules. Additionally, the ACM system includes a comment section and wiki section where individual users can flag any discrepancy they may see. All rules are linked back to the regulator site to ensure accuracy.

Yes, there is an option for the CCO to send emails to subject matter experts/rule owners who have been assigned a policy.

Yes. The CCO is typically set up to have administrative authority, with the ability to assign tasks and modify requirements based on firm structure. Each user of the system also has a customized view including only the policies that have been
assigned to them.

ACM features Microsoft Azure technology, the latest in server security.

No. Policies still exist within your firm’s server structure. The ACM system provides a link to the policy. It allows the policy to stay local, but still capture the efficiency of ACM.

Yes. ACM can be locally hosted or cloud-based.


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