Mechanise your compliance.

ACM is a turnkey, online solution that improves the efficiency of the yearly compliance review, and enhances your firm’s compliance culture.

An end-to-end solution for the CCO

ACM makes the CCO’s job easier everystep of the compliance process from
defining rules, managing the workflow to producing the final report.

CCO Dashboard

A quick view at all selected rules, requirements, internal assignments, current status and due dates. Fully searchable and sortable. Accompanied by a cup of coffee, it’s the perfect start to every CCO’s day.


Search by number, name, department, status or due date. A quick and easy way to get updates. Group/Ungroup rules based on your firm’s appetite to certification distribution.


Six variations of reports that can be used for monitoring progress or presenting updates to the board of directors, management or department heads.


Move non-applicable rules to the library for easy future retrieval.

Issue Management

Record and assign regulatory inquiries and audits to the relevant departments, and maintain an audit trail on their progress.

Enterprise-ready Solution

ACM provides a secure and customizable solution that can be up and running in
24 hours

Cloud Hosted Solution

Provide online access regardless of where users are located, and be up and running within 24 hours with automatic updates

Sort and Search

Navigate with ease using sortable and searchable functions.

Automatic Reminders

Send reminders to reviewers through integrated email notifications.

Generate Reports

Generate reports for board of directors and firm executives and attach reports
as support to annual CFTC report submission

Benefits of ACM


Understand the status of your compliance processes at all times.


Measure progress towards certification with workflow management and reports.


Maintain accountability for reviewing each rule with a detailed audit trail.